Kim Kardashian and Fiance Kanye West In Altercation with Teen

Kim Kardashian is known across the world for her gorgeous looks and hit reality TV shows. The new mom to baby North was in another altercation with her fiancée and baby daddy Kanye West. West is known for having a temper and this time he went off again. The incident occurred when Kim went to have an appointment at a chiropractor's office. As always, the reality star was swarmed by photographers who wanted to snap pictures of her.

The teen started off by helping Kim only to begin using racial slurs, including the n word. This did not sit well with Kim, so she asked the teen to stop using that language. The teen then turned his rants onto Kim. He stated the following, "F**k you b***h. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid sl*t."

Kim called Kanye after the situation occurred and he arrived at the chiropractor's office and then went onto punch the teen. This event was all caught on tape. Kanye West could be facing serious legal consequences due to his actions. Like his hit song, he may need some mercy to avoid jail time.

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